What is your shipping policy?

We ship domestically and internationally. Shipping times may differ based on location. Once your hat is finished we will ship it out as fast as possible. 


International shipping may be subject to additional costs and may take longer to ship than average.


Are all your hats hand made?

Yes. Every single one of our hats, custom or ready to wear, is hand crafted. Our ready to wear hats come in various sizes, pre-made and ready to wear immediately after purchase. Our custom hats are built to order based on inspirations and choices from the purchaser. Custom hats can take several weeks to make. Please be patient. We give every hat love so we make the best hat possible for you.  


How do I get a hat?

You can order a hat online or visit our store in Los Angeles. If you would like to visit our store to shop we are open every day of the week. To shop in person for a custom hat please schedule an appointment with us.

We do not sell hats wholesale at the moment or stock other store locations. If you do not purchase the hat from our store or website it is not a genuine Meshika hat. 


Any other questions?

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to email us at tribe@meshika.com. Our team works hard to bring you the best quality hats we can. We pride ourselves on the attention we give each hat and we want to give you the same attention. Visit the contact us page to find additional contact information.